Via Ferrata

Rock climbing in Nomelandsfjellet

Nomelandsfjellet is the distinctive and magnificent mountain wall in the center of Valle. For many years, mountain climbing has been practiced here, and now it has also been arranged for you without climbing experience. There is a via ferrata where you are secured to a steel wire all the way up, and there are iron steps attached to the rock like a ladder. This via ferrata the route to some of the North Europe’s longest svaruter, ie smooth polished rocks. The route is long, has a large height difference and great panoramic views. In addition, it is challenging with different degrees of difficulty in the different parties. You will find everything from sva to rocks and large walls.Valle center initially, and it is a relatively short and easy walk t il starting point . Both alternatives have the same starting point and follow the same route approx. h all the way up the wall on fine boulders. The last half of the climb has steeper sections, with different routes of varying difficulty. Both routes require that you are in good physical shape and can withstand heights well. Children from 11 12 years can participate, along with fores atte. The route is 850 meters long and is 400 meters high. When you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a great feeling of mastery and, if you wish, a refreshing shower from acliff or a dip in Fingredalstjørni, which is close by. The descent from Nomelandsfjell goes on a path to Honnevje slide and swimming area. The trail goes steeply downhill for approx. a kilometer. Valle center is within walking distance of Honnevje. The trip is preferably booked with a guide, but experienced climbers with their own equipment can go alone. In any case, time must be reserved and paid for in advance. For ordering: tel. 907122 65 e mail: or n one-page .

Via Ferrata in family-friendly Løefjell in Brokke

Løefjell located v ed Brokke Alpine Center. The mountain has for many years been used for rock climbing, and is known for its long alpine routes of varied character. In the summer of 2016, a via ferrata was built right up the mountain wall to Løefjell. Via ferrata means railway, since steps have been mounted all the way to the top for climbing, and a wire is attached to the rock wall, to which the climbers are constantly attached. This via the ferrata is very suitable for families and beginners. Children from 10 to r can be the tour here. If someone in the entourage does not want to climb to the top, you can follow the marked hiking trail up to the top which is located at 934 maslOn nice summer days, you should remember to bring swimwear. About. 100 meters from the top is a small lake that is inviting for a dip whether you have climbed or hiked . The climb is approx. 450 meters long and lasts from one to two hours. The trip from the top down to Løefjell cottage village takes approx. half hour. Climbing in Løefjell is organized by Helle Camping, which also arranges trips in the significantly steeper Straumsfjellet, on the other side of the valley. Booking of a trip with or without a guide is directed to Helle Camping.

Via Ferrata Straumsfjellet

The climbing route up to Straumsfjellet in Valle is 1.5 kilometers long and has 550 meters of altitude. The trip starts at the bottom of the valley, and after a short march of 100 meters you are in the entrance. It takes about 7 hours to walk the entire trail. It is still a trip that requires you to be in good physical shape, and it helps to have experience from airy mountain hikes so you do not be intimidated by the height. You should also have become well acquainted with the use of safety equipment in advance . Contact Helle Camping for booking a trip with or without a guide . Also you who have your own equipment and want to go on your own, must contact Helle Camping in advance.

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